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 Farrier Service / Performance Horses / Australian Shepherds
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Basic trim , natural, Quarter horse, Minis---------$50                                   Draft horses ---Double prices on the left 

Basic trim & half  shoe (keg) --------------------$95                                                                      

Full set of shoes (keg) --------------------------$125                                                                  

Special shoes, hot shoeing, pads, therapeutic shoeing ----------Quote only

Prices are within 20 mile driving distance from my home location (Travel fees may apply)

Terms and Conditions

1. I work by appointment only and appointments are sacred. I will call if I am running late.

2.I conditionally guarantee my work. 

3.I expect payment at the time of service unless prior arrangements have been made. I accept cash or checks.

4.I do not work on horses with chronic behavioral problems.

   I am happy to evaluate how bad the problem is in person.

5.I require a decent area in which to work.

6. during a first appointment I require a competent person to be present to handle the horse.

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Taking care of the reindeer and yak's at the Windswept Ranch Petting Zoo (Willow Springs, CA)